David Pouvil's testimony, Square Habitat

David Pouvil

person Job: Real Estate Advisor

work Company: Square Habitat

domain Agency: Puget Agence

place Place: Marseille

I always use the Solen luminosity certificate to stand out from the competition, it's a real advantage for the agency!
What appealed to Square Habitat about the Solen solution?
The tool calculates and simulates the natural luminosity and sunshine of a property by providing a diagnosis of brightness in less than 24 hours. The Solen solution is an innovative and highly technical element. It's another argument for our sales. Moreover, I always use the certificate of luminosity Solen to stand out from the competition, it is a real advantage for the agency.
How is the Solen tool welcomed by salespeople and acquirers?
Very well! It is an additional asset for the salesmen. The interactive and fast application allows them to realize the certificate of luminosity throughout the apartment in 5 minutes. In addition, it works very well with buyers and owners, this is why it is important to show it at each and every visit. Customers are interested in the tool, we only have good feedback!
Do you have a concrete example with the Solen tool?
Yes, Solen helps me a lot during my visits. For instance, at a sale, a short time ago, I took customers to a bright and sunny apartment. My clients, just entered the apartment, argued that they felt that the property was very bright. I answered them: it's more than a feeling, we know it! So I was able to prove live, thanks to the Solen certificate, that the accommodation was indeed very bright and sunny. It's a real sales support!
Would you recommend the Solen certificate to other agents?
Yes, it's a real asset that differentiates Square Habitat from other agencies. I totally recommend the Solen tool! Although I would like to keep it for myself ... (laughs)

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